Tactical Training

Pyro Cowboys provides a  military pack school and training facility.  We offer realistic battlefield simulations and pyrotechnics.

Pack School


Pyro Cowboys uses methods from the past and adds technology to teach soldiers how to use pack animals to transport weapons, ammunition, supplies and casualties.

Shooting Range

The shooting range has berms with buildings set up like a village. Steel targets, MLazyC- flyer copy cropedknock downs, reactive targets and long-distance range are available. We can build targets as needed or set up other aids for training.

The Day After

“The Day After” is a Tactical Survival Course.

This course was originally designed for combat zones training but has been modified. It’s emphasis  is on basic fundamentals of survival for emergency situations here at home.

“The Day After” covers topics such as:

    • Mental Preparedness
    • Essentials of Survival Gear
    • Wilderness Survival
    • Improvised Shelters
    • Wilderness Medicine and Nutrition
    • Land Navigation
    • Horse Back Riding
      Training is conducted by military veterans with proven tactical expertise.Past Performances

      • 10th Special Forces Group-ODA Teams
      • Army Special Forces Mountain Course
      • 10th Special Forces K-9
      • Navy Seals
      • 160th Airborne
      • Marine EOD
      • HUMINT – Joint Center of Excellence