Firearms Training

Personal Protection

Pyro Cowboys offers personal protection for all events.  Whether you are looking to have protection for a VIP, or a large group we can accommodate.

Armed Security Guard

We offer Armed Security Guard classes for both businesses and individuals.  Not only will you learn the ins and outs of being an Armed Security Guard, but we will also certify you to do so.
Do you need a Security Guard for your business or event?  We will be happy to provide those services as well.

Concealed Carry Classes

Concealed carry classes can be done for you and your family, or for a large group.  Classroom and range time will make sure you are confident in your knowledge of carrying your firearm.  You will have everything you need to obtain your concealed carry permit.  For more information including pricing and class requirements please check out our class information.

Private Weapons Trainingconcealed-carry-picture

Our goal is to make you comfortable handling a firearm.  We offer one on one, and group classes.  From safety to choosing the correct firearm for your individual needs, we have it covered.